Friday, May 18, 2007


My good friend, Jimi, gave me this little "Bedside Blessings" book by Charles Swindoll. It's not by my bed, but in my desk drawer here in the office. I start off each morning by reading what's written for today. Amazingly, this book seems to be in sync with my life this year (isn't it great how God works?) Today is no exception.

I'm anticipating my interview on Tuesday...not worrying, just anticipating. I do pretty well in interviews, though the last few years wouldn't prove that. But, I still think about the questions that may be asked, how I will answer, etc. etc. I need to exude confidence, make myself look good, make sure to say the right things, use proper educational phrases...But this time it's a Christian setting so I can be a lot more forthright about my beliefs. So, let me share with you what God shared with me through my "blessings" book this morning.

"You don't have to promote yourself if you've got the stuff...If you are to be used of God, they'll find you. God will promote you. I don't care what the world system says. I urge you to let God do the promoting...In the meantime, sit quietly under His hand...You will never have to wonder in the future if it was you or the Lord who made things happen. If He chooses to use you in a mighty won't have any reason to get conceited. HE DID IT ALL."

Have a great weekend.

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